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Selling Your Villa through Divikeys Fractioning:


Your Journey to a Seamless Sale


Selling your villa is a significant decision, and at Divikeys, we’re here to guide you through the process with our innovative fractioning system. Whether you’re looking to move on to new ventures or simply seeking a change, our platform offers a unique way to sell your property while considering crucial factors to ensure a smooth transition..


The Journey to Sale.


1. Time for Sell: It’s important to understand that selling your villa through our fractioning system might take some time. As interested buyers acquire fractional ownership shares, the property’s full ownership will gradually transition to new co-owners. Patience is key as this process unfolds.

2. Full Ownership Transfer: When the property is fully sold, the transfer of full ownership will take place. As fractions are acquired by multiple buyers, the transition ensures a shared and seamless change of hands.

3. Contract Commitment: Once you’ve signed a contract to sell your villa through our fractioning system, it’s essential to recognize that commitments are binding. We prioritize transparency and trust, safeguarding both sellers and buyers throughout the process.


Protection and Clarity.


1. Informed Decisions: Divikeys aims to protect your interests while fostering a secure environment for property transactions. We ensure that buyers and sellers are well-informed, promoting clarity and informed decision-making.

2. Non-Reversibility: Once a contract is signed, it’s important to note that the process moves forward. This commitment ensures a fair and reliable experience for all parties involved, preventing any alterations to agreements once set.

3. Seller’s Interests: We prioritize your needs as a seller, striving to find the right buyers who value and appreciate your property. Our commitment is to deliver a successful sale while considering your preferences and requirements.

Fees and Protection.

1. Divikeys Fees: As intermediaries, Divikeys charges a fee of 6% for facilitating the fractioning sale of your villa. This fee includes the services provided by our platform to ensure a seamless transaction.

2. Legal Fees: In certain cases, additional legal fees may be necessary to ensure a smooth transition. These fees, if required, will be communicated clearly and transparently to both parties involved.



Selling your villa through Divikeys fractioning offers a fresh approach to property transactions. With our commitment to protection, transparency, and a smooth process, your journey to selling is in capable hands. Let us guide you through the sale of your property with our innovative platform that prioritizes the interests of both sellers and buyers.

It is the right time to move

Amidst the uncertainties of the current landscape, Divikeys presents a unique proposition for villa owners like you. If you’re considering selling your property, our platform offers a compelling solution that goes beyond the traditional approach. By partnering with Divikeys, you can not only secure your capital but also unlock new avenues of financial growth. As the real estate market evolves, so do the methods of transacting properties. Our innovative fractional ownership model provides an opportunity for you to tap into a wider pool of potential buyers, ensuring a more efficient and profitable selling process. Join us in embracing the future of real estate transactions and take the first step towards a successful and lucrative sale. Contact us today to explore how selling your villa with Divikeys can redefine your financial journey.!