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Introducing Luxury Real Estate Investment in the Caribbean with Divikey


What is exactly Divikey?

Divikey is powered by a core mission – to unlock prosperity through the modernization of real estate investment strategies in regions that present a plethora of benefits. Our vision has steered us towards shaping an investor voyage that simplifies intricacies and enriches the intricate decisions linked to global real estate investment, thereby broadening accessibility for all to achieve their dream aspirations. This journey encompasses the opportunity to access luxury Caribbean properties, addressing the challenges of entering and relishing the luxury market.

Enhanced Investor Experience.

The typical method of investing in rental properties requires navigating complexities and dedicating substantial time. Anyone familiar with property ownership comprehends the lengthy steps involved in acquiring a rental home. This process involves a steep learning curve and substantial investment of time and resources. Our objective was to transform this process, making it remarkably simpler.

Introducing Divikey, a platform that enables anyone to participate in owning shares of luxury Caribbean vacation properties, achieved through a clear-cut four-step process. Our groundbreaking blend of technology and tradition empowers you to swiftly purchase shares and begin earning income in mere seconds.

Adopting the Divikey Property Investment Approach

Discover Properties: Investors have the opportunity to purchase shares in upscale vacation rentals, meticulously selected for their potential appreciation and income generation.

Choose Ownership: Investors determine their preferred investment type (digital or traditional) and the amount they wish to allocate to each property, subsequently selecting the corresponding shares.

Validate & Invest: Following a comprehensive review of terms, investors digitally endorse the contract and fund their investment by connecting their bank accounts.

Harvest Benefits: Subsequently, investors gain access to a passive income stream, receiving their proportional portion of net rental earnings and participating in the property’s value appreciation.

Dream Time: Investors opting for the traditional investment route will have the opportunity to spend time in the property. Divikey will oversee the calendar and revenue allocation based on the shares owned and the available time.

Commitment to Divikey Stakeholders

At the heart of our mission lies the empowerment of global wealth through modern real estate investment. For investors who aspire to relish the allure of Caribbean destinations without the need for multimillion-dollar investments, we offer the promise of dream vacations and high yields. This pursuit transcends exceptional products and teams; it hinges on our unwavering dedication to values such as integrity, sustainability, and empathy across every facet of our operations.

Functioning as a Public Benefit Corporation, Divikey stands as a champion for financial inclusivity, rendering luxury housing attainable, and fostering local job opportunities. This commitment is woven into the fabric of our conventional corporate governance, securing advantages for clients, residents, communities, and employees alike.

Our Streamlined Strategy
Beyond the simplification and accessibility of the investment process, we have exerted substantial energy in crafting an operational framework that optimizes returns for investors. Our primary focus centers on two critical aspects: forging partnerships with top-tier property management entities and acquiring properties with promising return potential.

Data-driven Property Acquisition: Utilizing data science, Divikey meticulously identifies and procures properties with potential. This process involves analyzing numerous markets, selecting favorable neighborhoods, and presenting comprehensive property and financial analyses to our investment committee for strategic decisions.

Efficient Property Management: Collaborating with property management partners, we streamline property ownership by delegating responsibilities from entertainment to maintenance, ensuring smooth operations and superior returns.

Benefits of Divikey

Our commitment extends far beyond the simplification of investor experiences and operational strategies. Divikey presents an assortment of advantages that render high-quality real estate investment accessible and beneficial:

1. **Low Minimum Investment:** For luxury Caribbean rental homes, the investment threshold begins at just $1000, effectively removing entry barriers. In the realm of traditional ownership, investments commence at $200,000 for ocean view properties. The question arises: who can offer better?

2. **Diversification:** Mitigate risk by diversifying across various properties, markets, or asset types.

3. **Effortless Ownership:** Divikey shoulders property responsibilities, granting investors a truly passive investment experience. Such advantages are unparalleled by any realtor.

4. **Steady Passive Income:** Investors enjoy dependable quarterly rental payments.

5. **Economies of Scale:** Operational efficiency translates into cost savings and enhanced returns.

6. **Limited Personal Liability:** Investments are safeguarded from personal liability through property LLCs.

7. **Access to Lucrative Markets:** Investors gain entry to high-return markets, irrespective of geographical distance.

8. **Cutting-Edge Technology:** Sophisticated platforms aid in well-informed property decisions.

9. **Property Selection and Buying Power:** The choice of luxury properties with high yields often generates considerable demand. Thanks to our robust buying power and local connections, Divikeys adept at securing the most advantageous deals.

Embark on the Future of Real Estate Investment We’ve redefined real estate investment for the better and eagerly anticipate showcasing the results. Join us, explore our properties, and set out on your journey towards wealth creation today.

Answers to Common Queries


Property Ownership: Investors directly own shares in an asset’s Series LLC, entitling them to its economic benefits.

Eligibility: Divikey is open to U.S. residents over 18, accessible through entities or self-directed retirement accounts.

Management Responsibility: Divikey manages all aspects, partnering with skilled property managers.

Returns and Payments: Divikey offers returns from rental income and property appreciation, with quarterly payments.

Investment Period: Diversified portfolio returns range from 6% to 15% annually, held for 5 to 15 years.

Minimum Investment: Start with just $1000 USD for a digital investment and $200 000 for a sea view villa in traditional divided ownership.

Liquidity: While a secondary trading market is planned, holding investments for the full period maximizes returns.

Experience the Future of Caribbean Luxury Investment Divikey invites you to embark on a journey of secure, lucrative, and hassle-free real estate investment. Discover the potential of luxury investment in the Caribbean today.

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Divikeys serves as a tech hub linking investors to top-tier Caribbean luxury multifamily investments.

Our philosophy: optimal returns come from collaborating with dedicated Luxury real estate experts.

Through pinpointing thriving markets, partnering with leading sponsors, and adding an extra layer of scrutiny, we make fractional ownership accessible.


We use the Polymesh blockchain

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